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Insulators in Action 2004

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Newport - November 2004

This fine array of pothead insulators adorns the side of the old Broad Gauge engine shed at Newport (South Wales) Godfrey Road locomotive stabling point.

Pothead insulators in use Pothead insulators in use

The building itself is used by a railway maintenance company and sits divorced from the locomotive stabling sidings by the station car park.

Carlisle Railway Station 25Kv - October 2004

The West Coast main line from Euston (London) to Glasgow Central was electrified with 25000 volts between 1959 and 1974 and the image below demonstrates the overhead line to gantry interface.

25000 Kv setup

The vertical suspension carries the pantograph contact wire at the correct height as it passes under the gantry frame while the twin horizontal suspensions carry the weight of two supply cable ends at a wire join. Each brown suspension disc is rated at 11000 volts thus a string of 3 is rated at 33000 volts.

New Passage (Bristol) - June 2004
A mass of shackle insulators at New Passage, near Bristol June 2004

A Gaggle of Insulators ?

How many can you count? I believe that I captured all 19 in this shot of a electricity distribution pole, situated in the very small village of New Passage, nr Bristol. New Passage so called when a new link from England to Wales by ferry was introduced in 1863.

Telegraph pole number id plaque at New Passage, near Bristol June 2004

All poles are identified in one way or another. The New Passage pole has a nice aluminium plate screwed to it, sadly a little bit to tight and consequently it has split from top to bottom.

For more information on new passage, follow this link to The Bristol Railway Archive

Barmouth - June 2004

This pole, situated on the east end of Barmouth Viaduct, carries three low voltage power lines which head underground at this point.

Shackle insulators in use

Shackle insulators barely in use

Shackle fixing zoom

The righthand shackle bracket is bolted through the wood arm with an upside down insulator spindle. It's not clear if another insulator was situtated here or maybe it was just all that was to hand. The smooth surface and waisted pin are tell tale signs of erosion from the salt water, wind and sand.

Shackle insulators in use

This pole, also at Barmouth, has been simply been reused, two side mounted shackles providing the support for two mains electricity cables .