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Fuller & Son

This page is treated as a dumping ground for information on Fullers and anything you can add would be appreciated, when enough data of consequence is available I will compile it into something a bit more comprehensive.

Patent No. GB190601914, of 1906, FULLER JOHN CRISP; FULLER GEORGE: Improvements in or connected with Apparatus for Protecting Telegraph and like Lines from the Effects of Lightning Discharges.

1914. Fuller, J. C., and Fuller, G. Jan. 25. Lightning arresters. Insulators for telegraph lines are formed with chambers or recesses in which lightning arresters are fitted for the purpose of earthing the line through the insulator bolt or otherwise if the potential becomes excessive. In the form shown in Fig. 1, a vacuum tube lightning protector7 7 is con- nected by a wire 9 to the line-wire, and through a spring 11 with the bolt 5. An india- rubber washer 4 is preferably employed in conjunction with the screwed cover 3. Carbon-block arresters may be similarly fitted. The earthing wire may pass through an extra hole formed in the insulator, independently of the bolt. The bottom of the chamber 2 may be filled in with paraffin wax.