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Thanks for Caroline of Norwich for the following info

Wade industrial ceramics brochure c1980
wade brochure

George Wade & Son Limited was founded in 1810 and has behind it accumulated experience of 160 years. It possesses the inherited skill and pride of craftsmanship which comes from generations of workpeople whose parents, grandparents and even great grandparents have spent their lives in the employment of Wades.

To meet the growing demand for Industrial Ceramics a new company, Wade (Ireland) Limited, was formed in Northern Ireland in 1947 and the combination of fresh ideas with solid experience has proved highly successful

A quick glance at these catalogue page scans reveals Wade were making a good variety of insulators for a varied market. We high voltage bushings shown in the 1st image, note the insulator bottom right is the same style as the Bullers 864 shown in the power insulator section

The second page scan shows large and small terminators along with a single groove pothead and other bushings.

The last page scan shows various shackles and a strain and in particular a double height shackle top left, a pattern not yet seen in use

wade insulator

This enlargement of the pothead shown on the previous catalogue page scans helps us pin down a manufacturer to a particular insulator type. The pothead lid with its raised grips is seen quite often on unmarked potheads and other than perhaps having BS16 impressed in it, there are no clues to its manufacturer. Maybe now, we can assign this particular design to Wade and so end another mystery, maybe!

A visit to Jim Gough's house

After a visit to meet up with Jim Gough, I now have a purple / red standard pattern Cordeau made by Wade, impressed with Hand Logo and the letter M.

Whilst looking through his recent acquisition of ex railway insulators, I noticed several Wade Cordeau's each impressed with the usual Hand logo and a letter code. Unlike the letter codes I have found so far in my area, these are all different which convinces me that range of codes seen refer to the year of manufacture.

These insulators have shorter inner than outer sheds and are usually stamped with either a single letter below the Hand logo or with a 2 digit number. The numbers, usually in range 60 to 75 signify, to me, the year. Therefore I believe it is logical to assume the letters also represent the same. The question then arises of what year the letters represent.

Letters / Numbers known about

Wade table

The only original possible cross link I had was a 71 stamped example also with a small capital A next to the hand, could 71 equal A ? If this where true and the conclusion extrapolated out then, assuming all letters where used, my M example would be 1983, which to me seems unlikely and now more double stamped insulators have been found the correlation seems totally incorrect. After all how can A = 71 when C = 71 ?

Observation in Design
insulator cross section

Wade insulators are usually fired upside down leaving the top unglazed except Potheads and reds, which seem to be fired right way up.

The top of a Wade insulator was faced off by machine leaving a telltale series of concentric rings on the surface

I have yet to see a Wade insulator, marked with the hand logo and a longer inner than outer shed

The underneath of a Wade insulator has a distinctive profile. The outer shed is flattened before curving sharply upwards and inwards though excessive glaze may disguise this feature to various degrees. The profile of the inner shed base is usually quite sharp and vee shaped, again excessive glaze can disguise this fact.