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Bullers 2542

large grooved line insulator

This example is clearly stamped with a 1944 dated Bullers logo and what I presume to be a pattern Number, 2542, on the reverse face.

The spindle, not shown, appears to be cemented in which seems unusual for such a late dated insulator

As per most Bullers insulators of this date, the inner shed is recessed.

It is similar in dimensions and style to a large Terminator though obviously shorter due to there being only a single wire groove

Another very large wire groove cuts across the top which is quite unlike a P1600 which has a much smaller, thinner groove

American collectors have classified this insulator as possibly U-1718, though I need to confirm the dimensions.

large grooved line insulator

The U-1718 is dimensioned at 3.1/8in by 3.7/8in whereas this example measures 3.1/2in by 4.3/4in also it seems to have a deeper wire groove. Therefore I presume it is not a U-1718 but a new pattern maybe.