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The Bishop's Hat?

insulator p1600

This recent find came came off a felled power supply pole. 4 insulators per pole where used, each to carry a single 240 volt supply line.

This example is stamped with the Bullers logo, no date and a pattern no. P.1600.

As yet I have not been able to ascertain its age but about 1950-60 seems plausible.

The power line, 7 strands of 12 gauge copper wire twisted, was anchored to the side wire groove, as seems usual for this type of application.

It is threaded internally with the standard size Cordeaux thread and has a 0.25 inch inner shed protrusion. Other Dimensions noted are: Height: 3.75 inches, Diameter: 2.5 inches

American insulator collectors have designated this design as U-1831 in their Unipart listings, though the dimensions are slighty different, height 3.625 inches and diameter 2.375 inches.

So, all that is needed now is a nickname, any suggestions ?

A Flared Bishop?

insulator p1600

This, a recent acquistion from a derelict colliery building, has been extensively rebuilt from fragments, hence the missing chunk and obvious crack

It is comparable in size to the P1600 but has a much more round top, deeper top wire groove and cemented spindle, now removed. It would appear to have had an inner shed and is marked 'MADE IN ENGLAND'

The galvanised spindle looked relatively new and was in good, clean condition suggesting the insulator may not be that old. The building it came off fell into disuse during the late 1970s, early 1980s