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Stand off


stand off insulator

This insulator from Bullers, dated 1965, came from a large sub station near Gloucester and was one of four used to support a much larger insulator.

The metal caps are cemented to the insulator and the centers are machined to take a 5/8 inch UNC stud.

It's a weighty item and measures 5.1/4 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches high.

stand off insulator

This insulator can be seen in use supporting this much larger, approx 4 foot, insulator at the afore mentioned sub station.

Part of the substation is in the process of being upgraded and several sections have gone for scrap.

The plate between the standoffs and main insulator is embossed PIRELLI GENERAL 11288, the main insulators are marked Allied Insulators and the standoff Bullers, quite a variety in one single installation.

scrap insulators

This next image illustrates some of the scrap insulators and gives some impression of their size.

A fellow collector, Martyn Leek, stands by a nearly complete Allied Insulator marked example. Even though it's hollow, missing two lower sheds and the top, we could barely lift it.