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strain insulator

This once common strain insulator was made by Bullers and tends to be from around 1940s to 1960s.

It's main purpose as with most of the strain insulators shown here was to act as an insulator in the guy wire of a high voltage transmission pole. The guy wire itself running from just below the top of the cross arms to a ground anchor nearby at usually an angle of 60 degrees, but this varies depending upon it's location.

The small lumps seen on the base of the strain are feet to lift the strain clear of the kiln base when glazed

This particular example measures 3.3/4 inches across by 4.3/4 inches high. Smaller variants have also been seen

Mystery Chinese

strain insulator

This appear to be a Chinese copy of the standard strain insulator, dated November 2002, though like most modern strains they are much squarer

This particular one measures 4.1/4 inches across by 5.1/4 inches high

Unlike the Bullers strain, this has no kiln feet and as a consequence an unglazed base. I assume this had to be fitted glazed side up

The unidentified Chinese insulator company logo appears below

chinese logo

Any help on this logo would be appreciated

It reads, 2002-11, which I assume means November 2002. Made in China, MOCCL-269041, probably its part number.