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The Army Pattern

army pattern insulator

As stated by Keith Neal in his book, Searching for Railway Telegraph Insulators, this is a highly unusual insulator reputed to have been used on the Longmoor Military Railway, though I have no evidence of this.

It is thought it may have been used for both Telegraph and Power Transmission applications, note the large wire groove on top.

Made in one piece of white porcelain it has many traits of more normal insulators listed in the following pages.

This underneath shot shows the similarity noted with treble shedded Langdons and Fletchers

army pattern insulator

As with other treble shedded insulators, each inner shed protrudes lower than the previous shed by about 1/8th inch.

It measures 4.5 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches in height

It is internally threaded with a standard sized Cordeaux thread.

The internal surface of the outer shed is stamped 5, could this be its year of manufacture 1905?

American collectors have designated this pattern U2720


Why are all these Army pattern insulators unmarked when the Military stamp everything with their own unique part number?