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Fletcher's Patent

Tris Horton's unusual insulator

A very interesting insulator has come to light recently. It seems to combine several elements from other contemporay insulators and as such these can help us identify the manufacturer and approximate age.

Fletchers patent insulator side view Fletcher patent insulator

As can be seen from the above images, there is no doubt to its identity. However, a fragment from a third example reveals the maker to be Bullers Ltd. London

The top is typical of a Bullers shackle though more specifically the shape can traced back to at least Buller, Jobson & Co. Ltd. Dudley, England of between 1885 and 1888. This top section matches perfectly with the part shackle shown at the bottom of the Shackle page.

The base is trebled shedded as with a treble shed Langdon but smaller than normal.

The large center hole is unthreaded and this insulator must have been located as with any shackle, between two rigid points with a plain spindle or bolt down through lot.

Overall dimensions are 4" at its widest and 5.3/8" high.