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lovely Red Terminator insulator

Within the confines of this UK based site, I have tried to show examples of UK Railway Telegraph and a few British non railway insulators collected by myself over the past few years.

The whole site is still growing / developing and any information you can offer on any of the subjects covered would be appreciated.

Information sections have been broken down in to: Insulator Types, Insulator Manufactures, People involved in the development of the Telegraph system and as a consequence insulators.

Other individual pages contain data / images of markings, insulators in use and items for sale.


I'm sorry to report but due to ongoing work commitments I do not have time left to work on Teleramics. Though I still take an interest in the hobby and actively collect information and insulators. I always appreciate pictures and info sent through to me and they will probably end up on the site eventually so please continue to send them though I am unable to reply to individual emails


Calling all Companies Requiring Insulators

I'm a collector not a manufactuer, is it not obvious