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Contributer's Photos - 2007

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This section is for other collectors to have their out and about photos displayed and all are welcome.

It is true, They are still out there!

It seems a bit of an over used phrase lately but it is TRUE, they are still out there. Yet another picture of SideKnobs. At one time a SideKnob was merely a picture in a book, a manufacturer's example, an insulator apparantly quite commonly used but never seen then they were everywhere, Ebay, Kendal, Scarborough, Winchcombe, infact where ever collectors looked skywards they photographed examples. Thanks to everyone for sending in images and making the myth of the SideKnob fact!

Side Knob Insulators
A Scarborough Sojourn

Paul Kirkup spotted some Taylor Tunnicliff Sideknob Terminators whilst holidaying in Scarborough and thoughtfully photographed them for me, thank you Paul, though I'm not sure what the rope is for?.

In Paul's own words

This part of North Yorks is a goldmine for insulators, poles and the like

One has obviously had a rough time what with splitting from pin rust, losing its head and now home to spider only the disused telephone holds it in place.

Side Knob Terminator Insulators

This next picture captures insulators used for distribution of 'Rediffusion Cable TV', I believe, corrections welcomed. I have seen and photographed the lower version on several occasions, see Insulators In Use 2007,and Insulators In Use 2006 and have a J&P example in my collection, but have yet to see close up the top version.

Rediffusion Insulators
Another rare survivor!

How's about this for a super find. What at first glance appeared to be a group of dirty Pothead insulators turned out to be heart warming sight

This solitary Langdon appears to be in excellent condition covered in many years of soot and smoke and some modern cream paint.

Langdon Insulators
Tris Horton
Two rare survivors

The pole represents two rare survivors, a Varley No.8 and a concrete telegraph pole! Its survival is probably due to its location at Sheringham station on the North Norfolk Railway. Thanks to Scott Petre for this image.

Scott Petre Insulators
A Split Oddity At Spilsby

Gene Kingsley spotted this unusual insulator in Spilsby. It appears very similar to the taper P1600 syle insulator I feature on the P1600 page, though possibly a larger variety. A cruely enlarged image is shown below, perhaps someone with a long lens & SLR could snap a clearer version?

insulators at Spilsby
An A-Pole in England!

Telegraph poles paired to create an A shape are generally confined to Scotland, however Gene Kingsley spotted this one at Melton Mowbray station complete with insulators, including 2 reds!

insulators at Melton Mowbray

The pole mainly consists of single groove Potheads, the odd medium Terminator and a few standard Cordeaus. Of interest is the pole top cover, it appears to be a standard single pole type nailed straight on top and does not actually cover the poles let alone overlap as it should

Inskip Radar Installation

Whilst passing an old decomissioned Ministry of Defence radar base Tris Horton noted these unusual insulators.

He noticed there was a run of concrete poles stretching across the field with unusual cone shaped insulators. There were some other poles further away with some different insulators on them, with the binoculars they seemed to be cone shaped but with no corrugations also these ones were wired up.

insulators at Inskip

Zoom of the corrugated cone shaped insulators

insulators at Inskip
Is Green the new Red?

Gene Kingsley snapped this power pole full of green shackles in Hampshire.

Green shackle insulators

So the Green Gang now consists of Shackles, Potheads and a Line Insulator similar in design to the P1600 plus a larger tapered version, the P5707. Does anyone have images of other green varieties?

Kendal Miscellania

What's better than a picture of two side knobs? How about four, in situ on one house!

Hugh Burrows snapped these whilst looking for 'old Lucy boxes', early electrical street furniture

side knob insulators
An Unusual Pole
insulator fixed to a tree

Treat this next observation as lesson - always look skywards.

Luke Birch spotted this black pothead fixed to a tree in the Wirral. I wonder if the wire has increased its ground clearance as the tree has grown, how long has it been there and was this a Friday afternoon job by the pole boys?

Cotswold Curio
lots of insulator

Well, maybe the lesson has been learnt, (see upper contribution)

A wander around a Cotswold village looking for a suitable cafe revealed this double Side knob Pothead insulator at a tantalising height, 15ft at a push, so near, yet so far!

As can be seen it is disused and has been over painted. The underneath reveals the original insulator is cream porcelain and looking at its profile it is probably a Taylor Tunnicliffe example - Very Nice

All Angles
lots of insulator

This image kindly supplied by Luke Birch shows a once busy power distribution pole. It probably was used to pass power around a small complex of buildings as there is also a network of telephone wires present.

A very busy but ultimately redundant pole
lots of insulator

How's about this for busy pole still in situ near a level crossing. Even though some wires actually cross the line to another pole which once served a control box, (still in there), they do not actually connect to anything

It appears to be full of Terminators with a smattering of standard Cordeauxs and possibly due to its remote position, they appear to be in good condition!

Thanks to Gene Kingsley for these images

They are still out there!

Gene Kingsley spotted these Bennetts high up in Boston, UK, almost out of reach of his digi.

Can anyone else offer pictures of Bennetts pattern insulators in situ?

bennetts insulator
An Oil Bath anyone?

Luke Birch spotted this pair of Oil Bath Insulators high up on an out building in the grounds of Clatterbridge Hospital and what's more amazing is their condition, closer inspection of the original image leaves me with the impression they are dirty but undamaged.

power insulator

They are off course redundant and the modern telephone wires simply pass over the original support brackets. What I assume are cable entry pipes can be seen below the insulator brackets. Note the brickwork has undergone some rebuilding around these pipes and the right hand pipe has broken off flush with the wall.

The left hand pipe appears to have an external thread, possibly holding a flared, downwardly pointing elbow used to prevent the ingress of water and reduce wire chaffing on the entry rim of the pipe.

Thanks Luke for your contribution

A Trident of Power Insulators?

Hugh Burrows snapped this long disused triplet of power insulators on a Kendal paper mill. They appear to be Bullers P5707's but without an example I cannot be sure. Richard Serridge, a new insulator collector, has a P5707 insulator in his collection and can be seen here

power insulator

Thanks Hugh for your contribution

Electricty and Water - Strange Bed Fellows
riverside insulator

HELP! - Can anyone offer and explanation for this unusually sited insulator. Paul Kirkup spotted this small Terminator sitting just feet above the River Ouse in York. Obviously it has been under water at some point but was this intentional? Is this all that remains of water level warning device? Your comments please.

Hugh Burrows has offered this possible answer...

Just had a thought inspired by some correspondence on the electric clock forum. A member recently bought a Gent of Leicester electric impulsed water level indicator and recorder. These instruments were made for indudstries associated with the supply and monitoring of water level e,g,. resevoirs, sewage farms, paper mills etc, and Gent devised a method by which the instruments could be remotely accessed to deliver their readings over a standard telephone line. A system of bell beats and gongs recorded the fluid level in feet and inches. The levels were measured using a float switch which as it rose and fell with the liquid level actuated sets of contacts accordingly. So it might be just possible that the insulator viewed was providing a line from the float system to the recording instrument, or even a line from some distant monitoring station to the recording apparatus housed near to the source. Which ever way it seems perilously close to the water level, and as only one insulator is seen was the system working on single line and earth return or was an insulated pair sent out to the equipment?

More Side Knobs! Oh when will I own one
Side Knob Insulator Side Knob Insulator

Paul Kirkup has again come up trumps with these shots of a pair of Yorkshire side knobs. As with all side knobs they seem to mounted very high up on a building.

Closer inspection of the original image reveals them to be in excellent condition. The only significant blemish seems to be a mal formed knob on one of them.

Thanks Paul for your contribution