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Letter Stamp Theory

Many common insulators exist within the collection which have no obvious manufacturer id markings. However these unbranded insulators nearly always have some other, as yet unidentified markings. These markings are discussed in the Letter Stamp Theory page and I welcome contributions on this subject

Bullers Logo Observations

I have now started to correlate data on the Bullers Logo, its style, position and date. You may see my current conclusions with a data table and breakdown of relevant information in the Chronology Of The Bullers Logo page.

Note about Wade (Updated 26/09/05)

I have recently received an email from Caroline Jarvis who gave me this snippet of information taken from the World of wade Book 2 by Ian Warner & Mike Pogsay

Postwar mark types. The second "owl" mark, Mark Type 23A, was used in the late 1940's by George wade & son Ltd on many of their porcelain items manufactured for the industrial market. This mark type was used at the manchester pottery for items made for the "free market", in other words, items not made to a customer's own design but intended for the general market. Examples of wade industrial ware using this mark are ceramic cleats, ceiling roses, insulators and electrical fire element holders. Wade (Ulster) LTD , established in 1946, was incorporated in 1950 and used the third "owl" mark, Mark Type 27C, on its industrial ceramic ware.