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Steatite & Porcelain Products Ltd

This page is treated as a dumping ground for information on Steatite & Porcelain and anything you can add would be appreciated, when enough data of consequence is available I will compile it into something a bit more comprehensive.



Tel: Stourport 111

Telegrams: Stetain, Stourport

1964 - Acquisition of Steatite & Porcelain Products Ltd, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, UK, from ICI. Now known as Morgan Advanced Ceramics Ltd, Stourport

Railway - Stourport station was renamed Stourport-on-Severn in October 1934. Burlish Halt had one platform on the right. Sidings on the left with a junction facing Stourport served the works of Steatite & Porcelain Products Ltd opened in 1929. Initially this was via a crossing over the Stourport to Bewdley road but this was closed in 1935 although the sidings remained in use.

Steatite and Porcelain Products advert
Steatite and Porcelain Products advert

Period advert, Wirral Electrifiction, courtsey Mike Ashworth Design & Heritage Manager, London Underground Ltd

Steatite Porcelain advert