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Chronology of the Bullers Logo

This page represents my findings and current conclusions drawn from observations made from examples of insulators in my collection made by Bullers

I reserve the right to change these conclusions at any time as more information becomes available and if you have data which confirms of contradicts any element of this page then please contact me so I may add this to the data pool

G.Johnson - October 2006

The Objective

Question - Is there a correlation between the date, style and position of the impressed Bullers logo?

The Data

The majority of my data has come from observations amongst my Standard Cordeau collection as this is where most Bullers stamped examples exist

The Facts

There are 6 main variants of the impressed Bullers logo which contain combinations of the following components

The Bullers hand holding insulator symbol only, for this exercise known as the 'Logo'

The Date

The type Number

Impressed text - Made in England

Impressed text - Trade Mark

Impressed text - Bullers LTD

The Findings

Pre 1930

bullers trademark

Several arrangements exist which are not dated but are believed to made between 1900 and 1930

The earliest style is a development of the BULLERS LTD LONDON stamp, situated on the top slope and is only occasionally seen. As can be seen the logo is labelled 'Trademark' and BULLERS LTD occupies the bottom curve a position later to be filled by MADE IN ENGLAND.

This logo was then simplified to just the Bullers logo only (post 1923?) and is usually seen impressed, poorly, on the top slope but can occasionally be seen on the body side.

1932 - 1936

Logo & Date

1934 and earlier examples only have the Bullers logo on the top slope but from 1935 to 1936 it can appear on either the top slope or the body side.

Owning company marks follow this pattern but are situated diametrically opposite.

1937 - 1939

Logo, Date & Number

In 1937 the logo was situated on the top slope with, as per the previous 2 years, any company logo diametrically opposite.

This changed in 1938 to the body side along with owner logo and then to the top surface in 1939 with its accompanying owner logo again situated on the top slope

1940 - 1967

Logo, Date, Type and 'Made in England'

Generally from 1940 right upto 1967 (my newest dated example), the full logo has been applied to the top face.


Pre 1948 examples are usually marked on the top slope with various railway company initials, though a few examples have come to light with this marking on the body side.

1948 - 1949

Logo, Date and 'Made in England'

All but 1 example have no other markings. The marked example, dated 1949, is stamped 'BR-W' on the top slope.


British Railways were nationalised on the 1st January 1948, which possibly explains the lack of company stampings around this period and the unusual BR-W stamp of 1949. BR-W represents British Railways Western region.

All other / later western region marked examples are of the BR(W) style

I also have a U-1156, (a single shedded narrow Cordeau made for the Australian market), dated 1950, a 1943 Pothead and a 1944 India pattern insulator which also use this style / position.

Data Graph

chart chart