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Pole Route Demolition

After any insulator hunt, I always come away with more questions than answers and this particular subject continues to remain unclear

Why is it that some railway telegraph pole routes have been completely and utterly removed from the landscape and others remain either derelict or simply left where they fell?

A good example of the former appears to be on the old Waverley route around Riccarton Junction. In a 3 mile stretch except for a few, I mean a few anchor points, I was unable to find pole bases, anchor points, insulators or spars? Admittedly the line is a closed route but the trackbed remains clear. Small fragments of crushed insulator were found around the site of the Whitrope Summit, the focus of the Waverley Route Heritage Association

stripped pole

Ok, so that probably was not a good example but you get the idea. Simply follow any stretch of railway line and these things show up. I understand that in cuttings they probably removed the whole pole for safety reasons but why on the same line would they have cut down poles or not, removed spars from poles by cutting them off leaving short stubby arms, or unbolted them, removed insulators and discarded them lineside next to the discarded spars or simply discarded the whole spar and insulator assembly, cut down poles and cut the top section, (section containing the spars), off and then discarded both top and plain pole when on other occasions the plain section has been removed?

Who made the decision to snip the copper wire off every insulator, remove the insulators, throw them to the ground, remove the spars throw them down, cut down the pole and take the wire away? Conversely who simply snipped the wires, felled the pole whole and moved on to the next, (my kind of pole)?

Actual Pole - Why on a section of line in Northumberland has the pole run been removed / felled and one solitary pole, admittedly near a tree now as tall as the pole been left?

It's the inconsistency that bugs me. What was the official policy on removal of lineside equipment or did no such thing exist?