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A Pickering Pole

North York Moors Railway Demo Pole

Telegraph Poles (T P on maps) and plans were a common feature alongside most railway lines, regrettably very few still exist on the NYMR.

This pole has been reconstructed from mostly original parts to represent a typical North Eastern Railway example, with alternate long and short cross arms and an additional insulator on the saddle or top pole. The arrangement of insulators simplifies transposition of wires helping to prevent induced current.

The pole was rescued from the Grosmont area (and is stamped N.E.R. approximately 5'0" above ground level). the insulators and bolts are recovered from various sources and several are stamped with the railway company initials.

The underslung example (single J bolt) would indicate a cable terminating at the adjacent building and this arrangement is being used to extend our Tannoy system.

There are no fixed step irons as the N.E.R. Company expected their telegraph personnel to use foot grips to climb the pole

NYMR 2005

Thanks to Paul Kirkup for these details and image

pickering pole