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Every now and then you come across a snippet of information which sheds light upon the way other countries view Uk insulators

So rather than just read and forget them I will occasionally add them to this page

-- The Red Porcelain Insulator --

Extract taken from Crown Jewels of the Wire archive, January 2005, Canadian Forum

Getting back to the Fort Langley Insulator Show I mentioned a few months ago. I am now happy to provide a look at the rare red porcelain insulator that was there.

red cordeaux insulator

Bill Baker of British Columbia is the proud owner of this red British Bullers insulator. He retrieved it while visiting Great Britain in 1985. The London North West Railway was tearing out the poles and lines between Carlisle and Dumfries. Having the poles cut made for easy pickings. There was only one red insulator per pole, so it must have indicated a separate circuit.

The color free dome has a detailed incused embossing which identifies the insulator as a Buller's product. Thanks to both Bill and Bob for sharing this colorful insulator with us.